Our Team

David Montgomery

Chiropractor & Osteopath

David Montgomery

David has practiced in Balgowlah for over 35 years, Originally located next door at 413A Sydney Road. David relocated in April 2017 and facilitated the creation of Woodland Street Allied Health Centre.

David is excited about the opportunity to practice within a multi-disciplinary team and to share his vast experiences with the increased range of practitioners.

The new practice will allow David to revist a Research interest he has held for many years and to provide greater flexibility for his established patient base with the added support of other Chiropractor and Osteopath practitioners.

Joseph Iemma

B. Chiro Sc, M. Chiro

Joseph graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and then a Masters in Chiropractic. Joseph has spent the past 14 years working across the wider Sydney area growing and refining his skills as a practitioner.

“I have been brought up with Chiropractic being an important part of my growth and development, so I feel that everyone can benefit from Chiropractic care regardless of your age. I consider it a privilege to treat each and every person on a daily basis”.

Joseph has participated in many different sports at a club level over the years including basketball, soccer, and oz tag. So he has a particular interest in the treatment and management of sports people and their associated injuries.

Currently Joseph is an active member of Queenscliff surf lifesaving club and competes in the beach sprinting events. He also like to take part in the B&B swim from Manly to Shelly beach when time permits.

“Chiropractic can really aid in a person’s recovery from injury but more than that, chiropractic allows the individual to perform at their peak when it counts most”.

Hayley Thawley

BHlthSc /MPodMed

Hayley is passionate about helping people to achieve optimum physical function, so they can lead unrestricted and fulfilling lifestyles

Hayley has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of podiatry. Having worked across a range of clinical settings within rural and metropolitan areas, she has managed a vast array of lower limb pathologies.

Hayley has developed a special interest in injury management and prevention, rehabilitation and restoring mobility. Hayley has completed post graduate studies and courses to develop her professional skill set, with a focus on soft tissue and myofascial therapies. As a runner herself, Hayley understands the frustration involved with injury and thus provides efficient injury management and rehabilitation

Rebecca Flower

BHlthSc /MPodMed

Rebecca has a background encompassing all facets of podiatry, including toe nail surgery, musculoskeletal concerns and injuries, general podiatry, diabetic and high-risk patients. Rebecca’s philosophy is to manage her patient’s concerns with a holistic yet evidence-based approach.

Prior to opening Sydney Podiatry Co, Rebecca worked in a Wollongong practice with a focus on human movement, myofascial therapies and exercise prescription. This is where she developed her interest in running, positional power and efficiency. She believes if we condition the body to become energy efficient, we will be less susceptible to weakness and injury.

In the past 4 years, Rebecca had worked across a wide demographic of patients. She understands that inefficiency of the lower limb affects people from all walks of life. This may include an ingrown toenail, that irritating corn or a sprained ankle.

Rebecca Calloway

B Podiatry / B Nursing

As a healthcare provider for almost 20 years as a registered nurse and podiatrist, Rebecca has wealth of knowledge and experience in health. Bringing a holistic, research-based and passionate approach to her patient care, Rebecca amalgamates her nursing and podiatry knowledge into her Podiatric care.

Rebecca is competent in all areas of podiatry and foot health, Rebecca is particularly interested in the podiatric management of Diabetes and other systemic conditions affecting the feet and lower limb.

Her interest in diabetic foot care has lead her to be a part of The Agency of Clinical Innovation (ACI) High Risk Foot Community of Practice. This committee allows her to keep abreast of the most recent research, treatments, and preventative, measures to ensure optimum foot health and improve quality of life.

Rebecca is passionate about health care being available to all and thus offers home visits. Let her bring her expertise to you in the comfort of your own home or come to the clinic and meet the lovely Rebecca.

Ashleigh Brunner

Accredited Practicing Dietician & Accredited Nutritionist

Ashleigh is an experienced Dietitian as well as the owner of Body Fusion. Her business has now grown from one to five locations in Sydney; Lane Cove, Rozelle, Kirrawee, Cremorne and Balgowlah. The business is now gravitating more towards wellbeing and additionally offers yoga services and Corporate Wellbeing Workshops in align with scientifically based nutrition recommendations.

Ashleigh has a strong consulting skill set, which involves motivational interviewing. She also focuses strongly upon nutrition education to empower her clients in becoming resilient and engaged in a sustainable and healthy relationship with food. Her positive energy is infectious and for this reason she retains many long-term clients.

Ashleigh has currently also spent time working extensively in Osteoarthritis with Dr. David Hunter (Rheumatologist) and allied health team at Hunters Hill Hospital. Consequently she is now well versed in anti-inflammatory nutrition and has refined her skills further in weightloss.

Ashleigh’s diverse experience also encompasses the field of Sports Nutrition. She now regularly looks after elite ballet schools in Sydney facilitating workshops as well as consulting one on one to many runners, triathletes, gym goers and weekend warriors. Ashleigh used to be an elite swimmer herself and still regularly ocean swims down in Manly.

Ashleigh’s inspiration to be a Dietitian stems from her desire to help clients discover how a balanced diet can prevent/treat chronic disease, promote longevity and positively influence energy and concentration levels. Being both an ardent cook, and knowledgeable in food products, she can happily share with you how to make healthy foods taste amazing!

Leith Nicholson

Hand Therapist

Leith graduated from the University of Queensland in 1993 with a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy. She has worked in Hand Therapy in London, UK in both public and private hospitals since 1998. From 2005- 2013 she developed private hand therapy clinics in London and Kent. She completed her Hand Therapy Certification in 2012. She returned to Australia in 2013 and has been working in central private hand therapy clinics in Sydney.  Leith is an Accredited Hand Therapist as awarded by the Australian Hand Therapy Association. Leith has extensive experience in managing chronic, acute and traumatic hand injuries.  She is relishing the opportunity to again set up her own practice, Harbour Hand Therapy in Sydney.